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Dan Carmichael Bowls

As you know we are to try running the Dan Carmichael Competition as a pairs competition, to do this successfully we need at least 12 teams.

Played over 4 rounds of 5 ends each, 2 points for a win, one for a draw, in the event of teams being equal shots will count. Winners of first four rounds go forward to semi final, then winners play in final, teams reaching the final will have to play 30 ends of bowls over the course of the day, so I think 5 ends per round is sufficient.

Please check with your Chapters to see if any of your members are coming along on the day, Enoch have entered 2 teams, Hope two teams, Camperdown have paid, but not sure how many players will be entering, don't know about Ancient or St David or Union.

So Companions if you know of anyone who wishes to play please let me know if we cannot get 12 teams of 2 bowlers then we cannot get the competition played

Even if your Chapter only has one bowler ask them to come along they will probably get a game


Chapter Operative No. 459

Some advance warning of our next meeting -  due to take place on Monday 25th September 2017 at 7.30 pm.

We must now finally elect the office-bearers for 2017/18.  The list of suggestions made earlier in the year is incorporated into the ‘agenda document.

If any one named on that list feels that he cannot now accept nomination please let the 1st Principal know as soon as possible.

If no such contact is made it will be assumed that nomination has indeed been accepted.



PGRAC Annual Convocation of PGRAC of Edinburgh

Monday 18th September, commencing at 19.30

Masonic Lodge, Figgate Street, (Portobello) Edinburgh.

(Contact Grand Superintendant for travel arrangements)

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